Off-camera flash wedding receptions


When I photograph wedding receptions, I always try to use off-flash. This technique makes the people or objects in the centre of a photograph stand out from the background. Aim the strobes towards the middle of the wedding dance floor.

There are many different ways of using off-camera flash when shooting wedding receptions. Here is an example of my own off-camera flash. I use two Godox AD200 strobes and two Godox v860 II flashguns to trigger the strobes.

Off-camera flash wedding receptions

This diagram shows where I position my Goddox AD200 strobes. I advise that you adjust your lighting stand to just above the wedding guests’ heads. The settings for my strobes are on the 16 and 32 power marks. Always have the most powerful flash furthest away from the wedding dance floor.

My camera settings are always set to 1600 ISO and a 250 shutter speed. You might think that you’re not going to get the best quality from your photos at 1600 ISO but you will be very surprised by the excellent results.

The reason why I shoot with a 250 shutter speed is so that I get the sharpest images for my clients. When setting your aperture, make sure you start with f3.5 as the default. If it is too bright, then add a stop or if it’s too dark then lower by one stop.

Off-camera flash wedding receptions

Off-camera flash wedding first dance

When photographing the first dance, always decide which side do you want to be on. From this starting position, you can walk in a half circle to photograph the wedding couple from different angles. If you also have a flash attached to your camera, never use it for the first dance.

When after the first dance everybody runs onto the dance floor, switch your flash to fire on your camera. I always set my own camera flash to power 64 and keep this setting when the first dance is over. By using these techniques, you will make your wedding dance photos stand out.

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