Low light wedding ceremony photography

During my 15 years as a photojournalist, I often had to photograph events in low light conditions. It’s an experience that is particularly useful for wedding photography, since many wedding ceremonies are poorly lit. It is my job as a wedding photographer to make your wedding photos look amazing, even if the available light is poor. 

I recently photographed a wedding at the West London Synagogue. It’s a beautiful venue, but with low light conditions. Luckily, the high-end digital cameras that are available today are able to compensate for low light. It allows you to shoot even when the naked eye finds it hard to see things clearly. It means that I am able to focus on my composition and visual storytelling. 

I can concentrate on finding the best angles that will make your photos stand out. 20 years ago, when photographers were still using film, it was much more difficult to shoot when the light was poor.   

When I photograph weddings, I always use two cameras with two specialised lenses for low light conditions. This way, I can avoid using flash. It allows me to be even more discreet as I want everybody to enjoy the ceremony without too much interference by me. 

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