Digitising and Colour Correcting old Photographs



Remember your old photographs from the time before digital cameras came into use? Pictures of family and friends. Your favourite holiday snaps. Old colour landscapes. Black and white portraits of your grandparents. Now collecting dust in a cupboard. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them on your computer and in your collection of modern stills: properly lit, colour corrected and graded.

Well you’re in luck. My name is Sabrina Remme and I am a photographer with state of the art scanners. I can digitise your old photos and colour correct them all for you. If a photo has faded, become over saturated or turned slightly red, I can adjust the colour to the way it should be. This also includes old negatives.

All you have to do is send me your photos via recorded delivery from your nearest post office. I will then use my scans equipment and expertise to digitise and grade your images. I will then send them back to you and enclose a USB stick with the digitised and graded pictures. Also via recorded delivery.

I charge £200 for 100 photos plus £ 20 for the usb stick and the return postage within the UK (weight up to 2kg and insured up to £2500). I can also create digital albums for a additional fee.

The best thing about digitising photographs is watching people’s expressions when they see the final results on your computer screen for the first time.

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