Cherriss & Francesco had their wedding reception at the Dartmouth House, an it is an elegant mansion in London’s Mayfair. Boasting an enclosed courtyard, it makes the perfect setting for a stylish and unique wedding in central London. 

The family and guests arrived at Dartmouth House after the ceremony at Brompton Oratory Church. The beauty of the venue adds to the warmth and excitement of the wedding, and this is a beautiful thing to capture on the photos. As a wedding photographer, I spend a lot of my time in beautiful venues, but Dartmouth House London is undoubtedly one of the finest. 

I see my role as a documentary wedding photographer as someone documenting the day, rather than orchestrating it. I like to work my way around the room, capturing moments as I see them. As the bride and groom, you are often too busy hosting to keep of track of what’s happening around you. My photographs aim to help you experience the wedding all over again, and see the bits you may have missed the first time round.

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