Cambodia travel photography

Cambodia is known for its amazing temples, extraordinary food and stunning landscapes. But what struck me most was the country’s abundance of young people. And that most of them would smile when they saw my camera.

I arrived in Phnom Pen, the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia, early one morning, exhausted from a 14 hour bus ride out of Thailand. To stay awake, I used my gps to locate one of the city’s legendary markets. I wasn’t disappointed. It was laid back yet intense: strong smells of meat, fish and spices inside the halls, the rising heat and humidity of the rainy season, and a great variety of goods on display. And all those smiling people. I liked this place straight away. It was ideal for my kind of street photography.

Two days and a hundred photographs later, I got back on a bus and travelled to Sihanoukville, right by the sea. My cousin had lived there for over a year. Now she showed me around. It’s a poor place, full of gangsters. But also with some extremely friendly people.


Sihanoukville is the gateway to some stunning places in the countryside. After spending a couple of days in the city I travelled to the nearby Ream nature reserve. I came across plancton glowing in the ocean at night. An unreal experience if you’ve not experienced it before. Escpecially during the full moon. I used a wide angle lens and a one minute exposure to capture this magic moment. Another image shows a friend swimming in the plancton sea. A mere shadow surrounded by a surreal blue glow.

Via the capital, I continued my journey to the legendary Angkor Wat Temple. Intense rain was hammering down on my poncho and my luckily waterproof camera bag. What made my day, yet again, where Cambodia’s young people. Full of energy and life – a quality that I tried to capture on camera.

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